Specialists or Generalists is the question that brands and businesses are asking themselves about resourcing in today’s economy.

You®anAfrican★SA is a business offering where its core service deliverables are offered by independent specialists that collaborate rather than compete against each other; delivering better business results to clients than the conventional lead agency model. You®anAfrican★SA has been in the making for fifteen years, founded by entrepreneur Reggie Legoale. “You®anAfrican★SA is the Best of Breed, a super collaboration, formed out of specialists, from all disciplines, that can truly influence the success of your organisation or brand,” says CEO, Reggie Legoale. You®anAfrican★SA consist of three specialists agencies, namely: Riot Studio, Mister Legoale, and ArtNWar.

“Together, we are inspired by this idea of independent specialists collaborating to create incredible success stories. “Born partly out of the frustration with the current restrictive agency proposition and big idea mindset, we have created You®anAfrican★SA. To do this we went to the market and we have literally sourced what we believe to be the Best of Breed independent specialist agencies in South Africa. Read more...

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