I know Reggie Legoale in a professional capacity. He was one of one hundred artists approached to participate in Joburg Child Welfare's 100 Doors Project which I ran from September 2010 to date. Although I never met him personally, he was always incredibly prompt and polite in his responses to my frequent requests for assistance with the project. He created for the project a stunning work of art by turning a door into an incredibly representation and celebration of the diversity of South African culture.

Reggie's door was chosen by a panel of distinguished local and international judges as one of the top twenty doors to be auctioned off live at the projectís main event on 10 February 2011. In fact, the door of art was so profoundly representative of the spirit of the campaign that one of our board members purchased it and donated it back to JCW where it stands proudly at our offices entrance.

It was a real pleasure to work with Reggie. Based on the caliber and creativity of his work and on the generous spirit in which he donated his work to JCW, I'd gladly support Reggie Legoale in all his efforts as an artist.

Warmest regards

Sarah Mendell
Fund Developer

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